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New Horizon: CGE&Y-Ontario Power Generation
JV Provides Full Information Technology Services

Toronto – February 20, 2001 – New Horizon System Services, a joint venture between global management and IT consulting company Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and North American energy generator Ontario Power Generation (OPG), today began delivery of full information technology services to one of North America’s largest utilities.

New Horizon represents the largest outsourcing deal in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s energy and utility business unit. The depth of services represents Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s extensive knowledge in the energy sector and will support the challenges that OPG faces in the new economy and deregulated energy environment.

This joint venture is owned 51 percent by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Canada (through its subsidiary BTS) and 49 percent by OPG. The company has a team of 700 full-time and contract staff that will perform infrastructure management, application development, application support and maintenance, network management, data center operations and help desk support in areas such as commercial systems, work management, finance, human resources and supply chain.

“Information systems are key to competing in the newly deregulated North American energy market,” said John Mather, president and CEO, New Horizon System Services. “Advanced commercial trading systems, on-line maintenance and real-time plant information systems are more important than ever to ensure safe, reliable and clean plant operations. We know the energy business, so – with the launch of this IT service delivery relationship with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young – we’re very well positioned for growth in the future.”

The company will provide cost-effective information technology services to energy companies operating in North America. This will enable companies to focus on their core function and benefit from superior information systems and technology support.

Ron Osborne, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, said moving its IT function to a separate company will provide the generator with a number of benefits. “Cost-effective and highly reliable information technology services will be critical to the competitiveness of OPG as we move toward deregulation and support today’s energy needs. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and OPG share a 16-year history, and I believe the success of New Horizon will be based on our complementary skills and styles.”

The agreement is part of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s growing Global Operate business. A significant aspect of the agreement is long-term applications management service delivery, which includes development, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

“Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is a leader both in the energy sector and in the area of technology management,” said Ron Buckle, vice president, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Energy & Utility services. “New Horizon marks an important step in our ongoing commitment to providing leading services to the energy industry. It is especially significant given our long history with OPG.”

About Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is one of the largest management and IT consulting firms in the world. The company offers management and IT consulting services, systems integration, and technology development, design and outsourcing capabilities on a global scale to help traditional businesses and “dot companies” continue to implement growth strategies and leverage technology in the new economy. The organization employs more than 59,000 people worldwide and reports global revenues of about 8.5 billion euros (2000 pro forma). Visit
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About Ontario Power Generation
OPG is one of the largest power producers in North America, operating 80 generating stations with a total installed capacity in excess of 30,000 megawatts. The company’s goal is to expand into new electricity markets while operating in a safe, open and environmentally responsible manner, maximizing both customer and shareholder value. OPG currently supplies about 85% of all electricity consumed in Ontario. More information can be obtained by visiting OPG’s website at www.ontariopowergeneration.com.